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English speech, previously apologize for the delay of his speech task
His speech about dreams and hopes

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Vegetable soup is one type of dish that is so rich in types of vegetables. Rich in color, rich in taste, and certainly also rich in nutrients. Very fitting served as one dish when breaking the fast. Making it too is not too difficult. With simple ingredients and ingredients that can be found in traditional markets and nearby supermarkets, you have no reason not to try to make soup prescription for your family.
In addition to rich in various types of vegetables, soup more healthy vegetables to be consumed for not using coconut milk in the recipe. With clear gravy, soup vegetables will be very fresh eaten after a day of fasting. If you do not want to eat it with white rice, you can add potatoes and macaroni to the recipe so that the need for carbohydrates will be fulfilled. With the addition of potatoes and macaroni, your homemade soup can be a practical spice dish. But if you want to eat it with rice, potatoes and macaroni do not need to be added in amount. If you are less fond of broiler chicken, you can use chicken meat or beef tetelan as the ingredient of broth.

Palegia Lara:
Types of recipes: Main
1.   ½ broiler chicken, cut into 10 parts
2. 1.5 liters of water
3. 100 gr carrots, 1 cm thick round slices
4. 100 gr of potato, sliced ​​2 cm dice
5. 150 gr of cauliflower, sliced ​​per flower
6. 100 gr leaf cabbage, sliced ​​3x3 cm in size
7. 3 stalks of onion, sliced ​​2 cm
8. 3 celery stalks, tie the knot
9. 100 gr macaroni, soak hot water
10. Finely spiced:
11. 3 grains of red onion
12. 3 cloves of garlic
13. 1 tablespoon grain pepper
14. 2 tsp salt
15. ½ tsp sugar
16. 1 sachet of chicken broth
How to make
1. Boil chicken until cooked, remove. Strain the chicken stew water. Add 500 ml of water and bring to a boil.
2. Meanwhile, saute spices finely until fragrant. Move the seasoning stir in the broth pan.
3. Enter the potatoes, carrots and celery leaves, cook until half cooked.
4. Enter the cauliflower, cabbage leaves, boiled chicken, cook until all vegetables are almost cooked. Then put onion and macaroni. Leave it for a while until all the ingredients are cooked. Lift, serve warm.

Children often refuse to eat vegetables. To be more interesting, you can cut the vegetables used in these soup vegetable recipes into a unique shape. For example, carrots are made into flower shape. Potatoes are cut using various shape cookies. Replace macaroni with fusili, farfalle (butterfly paste), conchiglie (shellfish paste). Certainly this action will increase your preparation time in preparing the dish, but the result will be comparable to the greed of your children eat vegetables. Happy to be creative with our soup recipe, hope you like it.
Grocery store interview

Palegia Lara (Interviewer):
Good morning Ibu Nika, can I ask for a moment to interview Mother?
Nika's mother of tobacco character in Adisucipto Resource Person:
Good morning, sister from where ya?
I am Palegia Lara from tuition Economics Education student, want to interview Mother about the Tobacco Person that Mother Have?
Interviewees :
Oh, then let's just start the interview!
If possible, can you tell me a little about the tobacco that you have?
Interviewees: :
Inside the tobacco figures that I have today are very much in demand The people around me, because it is tied to the craving I provide the needs of the surrounding community, therefore what they need that That I sell.
How long has Mother opened a cigarette business in Adisucipto?
I open this tobacco figure is 13 Years more.
What makes a mother interested in the Tobacco Person in?
Interviewees :
For me every job should we be grateful for what it is, still lucky we have a job although not much important can generate Money Interviewer:
Do you not feel embarrassed by selling tobacco?
Interviewees :
Oh certainly not, why should we be embarrassed by our own efforts, we should be grateful for what we have today, therefore I really love my own business with all my heart, if I do not love this business I might be able to survive for 13 year
According to Mother Principle What should we do if we have our own business?
Interviewees :
The principle that I use today is how we always love our own small business, therefore as an entrepreneur we must have the principle do not give up, do not despair, dare to take risks in Enterprises, keep excited.

So what is the advice of the mother to advance the business world?
Interviewees :
Advice from me in the business world, let us compete healthily, do not give up with the advancement of our economic growth, but we still have the will to work and try.
I think it's enough to get here Mrs. Nika, maybe if there are words I am not polite or not good, I apologize greatly, thank you Dad wasted time for me.

Resource: Thanks again, Lara's sister hopefully lecture you fluently.

Hello, friends here I will share about my kemaikan in dayak dance, in dayak dance a lot of techniques that we must use to be good when we perform diacara didam various sorts like this
1. Wadian Amun Rahu Dance
This dance was originally a traditional dance of Central Kalimantan Dayak tribe that is sacred, magical and religious. The dance commonly played by these women in the past was interpreted as a procession of adat to deliver praise to God Almighty, after the rice harvest.
In addition, this dance is also often performed as one of the prerequisites of the healing procedure of a person suffering from the disease.
Characteristics of Wadian Amun Rahu dance seen in the use of clothing pattern dominated by red and white as a symbol of the majesty of the Creator.
2. Jarangkang Bango Dance
This dance is a new creations dance that is adapted from the Dayak tribe dance in the interior of Central Kalimantan with the same name. In the area, this dance is usually played by children.
Jarangkong Bango is a dance device in the form of objects made from coconut shells that are halved, then perforated to link the rope handle. This device is then used by the dancers as the main property in this dance.
This dance shows a togetherness and cohesiveness
Google Terjemahan untuk Bisnis:Perangkat PenerjemahPenerjemah Situs WebPeluang Pasar Global
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As well as the solidarity of the children of the Dayak tribe of Central Kalimantan in community life.
3. Dadas Bracelet Dance and Bracelet Bawo (Iruang Wandrung)
This dance is rampak harmony two dance moves that are unified Wadian Dadas and Wadian Bawo and then called Iruang Wandrung Dance.
Dadas dance performed by female dancers, while the Bawo Bracelet danced by male dancers. With the accompaniment of this energetic traditional music mix this dance used to function as a dance to deliver the thanksgiving to the Almighty because of the success in all aspects of the life of the Dayak tribe of Central Kalimantan.
4. Dancing Gangs
The dance of the sleighs was originally a dance that originated from the Barito River Basin, Central Kalimantan. Dancing bawds are usually performed with musical instruments from bamboo that berbunji if digetarkan. This instrument is commonly called Ganggereng and is played with a stick that is called Gantar.
This dance is usually displayed on traditional occasions as a manifestation of the joy of citizens especially when welcoming the guests of honor.
In its development, the motion and variety of Giring-giring has undergone much development by not abandoning the rules and basic techniques of dance.
Google Terjemahan untuk Bisnis:Perangkat PenerjemahPenerjemah Situs WebPeluang Pasar Global
5. Dance Rantak Fan Gempita
This dance illustrates the spirit of the younger generation in enhancing the sense of unity and unity. The social and cultural pluralism of young people who are studying at Bumi Tambun Bungai is not an obstacle in realizing a shared ideal to advance the region.
Compared to the original concept, the dish of this dance has experienced the development of motion without leaving the rules and basic techniques.
This dance is played with agility and joy, as a manifestation of the spirit possessed by the young generation in an effort to participate in building the community, nation and state.
6. Mandau Dance
This dance is a dance commonly played by women. The meaning contained in it is the spirit of all Dayaks in self-defense and hometown from the threat of outside parties.
In the presentation of dancers melakuikan movement soft, handsome and energetic. Currently, the cultivation of dance, movement and variety has been developed by not leaving the rules and techniques that have been widely known throughout the region of Central Kalimantan since the past.
7. Bahalai Dance or Bawi Shawl Dance
This dance is a dance that is lifted from the completeness of the clothing in the form of scarves among the Dayak tribe women
Google Terjemahan untuk Bisnis:Perangkat PenerjemahPenerjemah Situs WebPeluang Pasar Global
Central Kalimantan. Just like other dances, this dance has also undergone development in some parts of motion and petari attributes.
This dance is played gracefully by the princess dancer as a picture of joy and thanksgiving to God for the implementation of a great celebration among the citizens.

In the world of art whether it is art or art craft would have an ornament or a basic form of art in this blog this time I will discuss the basic motion of his special dayak dance West Kalimantan dance dance and I am one of the studio members
The basic movement of dayak dance is a form of the parable of the typical birds of kalimantan namely RUAI AND ENGGANG GADING which in the concept of dance movement of Dayak dance movements in the example as a form of the satua there is any basic motion of dayak dance is as follows:

A. Climb
Nganjat is a main movement or a typical movement of dayak dance that resembles ivory ivory bird that opens its wing closed in this movement symbolizes the movement of a dancers of the Dayak molek

Ngasai is a movement that resembles a flying bird that is flying in the dayak dance we must pay attention to the movement of feet, body, our hands in order to blend with the gentle and flexible movement of the body will make the ease in our movement, because the most important in the dance that dayak Is the flexibility of our body, not as easy as we imagine in the power dance, it needs regular exercise every week in order to achieve good results

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I can not live without others

I can not live without others, because the others are very helpful in human life, therefore, human beings are social beings who can not live without others
Than as individual human beings, human beings disebutsebagai also social. This means that humans have a need dankemampuan and practices to communicate and interact with other human beings, then the interaction is shaped kelompok.Kemampuan
Social human beings means that humans as citizens. In everyday life man can not live alone or self-sufficient. Although he had position and wealth, he always needs another human being. Every human being tends to communicate, interact, and socialize with other human beings. It could be argued that since birth, he has been referred to as social creatures.
Human nature as social beings and politics will shape the law, establish rules of behavior, and working in a larger group. In this development, specialization and integration or organissai should help each other. Because human progress is likely to rely on the human ability to cooperate in larger groups. Social cooperation is a prerequisite for a good life in the communities that need each other.

Awareness of social human beings, it gives a sense of responsibility to protect individuals who are much "weaker" than the social form of "big" and "strong". Social life, togetherness, both non-formal (community) or in forms of formal (institutional, state) with the authority required to protect individuals.
How to Give a Speech
It's time to overcome what people fear more than death is speaking in public. This article will help you through this stressful event. See Step 1:

Part One of Three:
prepare Speech

1. Select the topics short speech, before we brief speech before the speech content to be easily understood, clearly. Your speech should be summarized in a sentence. This is the speech you really boils down to: what would you start with and what would you conclude. It's simple and people can understand it. And it will be easier for you, too!

2. Know your audience. This will determine your overall speech. You will not deliver the same speech to a four-year-olds as you did for the CEO! So know your audience. Here are some things to consider.

3. Do not think negative thoughts. Ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen? People will think you look odd because they did not give a speech in accordance with the "expectation" of them. No more than that. Think what you will get, overcoming the fear of public speaking.
• Who are they? Age?
• How much do they know about your topic? This will determine the amount of complicated language you can use (hint: if they do not know much, do not need to use it).
• Why do they exist? Taught something? Because they have to? Because they really interested?
• How long have they been there?

4. Research your subject. If your subject is you, congratulations! You probably already know you like the back of your hand (or arm or leg). But if not, will be examined. Pros and cons! If people can poke holes in your argument, it's not a very effective speech.
• Have at least three points to support the message

Only complicate the audience as much as you can tolerate. Stay away from jargon and technical terms if it will leave your audience scratching their heads and feel out of place

5. Use stories, humor and metaphor. Dull speeches, statistics can make the audience bored. Instead, choose a story - it is easier to follow structure-- and make them live with things like metaphor and antithesis.
• Self-deprecating humor (making fun of myself) have a place. Again, this comes down to knowing your audience and your speech format. A man best speech? Absolutely right. Overcoming the president of your company about the location of the budget? Probably not.
• antithesis is about using the reverse

6. Use flashy adjectives, verbs and adverbs. More about being alive! Taking the phrase "bad fishing industry" and turn it into a "horrific practice fishing industry." Even something as simple as "We can solve the problem," to "We can quickly solve the problem" is more memorable. your audience may not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember your emotions invoked in themselves.
• Think active, too. "When we had the manpower, we can force change," is much more powerful when it turned around - "We can force change when we have a workforce" Make them sit in their seats, you know?

7. So no hemming and "hawwing", no apology, no "I want to know ...," no "Thank you," only to brass tacks. Do not talk about painting - get right in there and start creating images for them. They are there for your speech, not how you feel about it or how you are feeling right now.

8. You must have a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be short and to the point, the conclusion becomes a repetition of the intro. And the body? Well, that's everything else.

Part Two of Three:
practicing Speech
1. Write down your main points. Now you have all you want to say, write down your main points. Part of what you're unsure of yourself on?
• Get to the point where you feel comfortable giving a speech.

2. Memorize. Okay, so this is not super necessary, but certainly a good idea. If you know by heart, you can make eye contact with the audience. Do not stress if you do not have enough time - but if you do, take advantage of it.
• This does not mean that you should go there unarmed. If your mind is empty, you can look around and go to a place where you need to. Send it to someone. It is a good idea for several reasons:
• Communicating with someone to help you get used to someone looking at you while you're talking. public speaking can be quite intimidating, so it had an audience of practice will help calm your nerves.
• Do they really pay attention. At the end of your speech, ask them what questions arise in their minds. Is there a hole in your argument? Or do something to confuse them?

3. Practice in front of a mirror and in the bathroom. Really, you have to practice wherever you can. But these two areas would be useful:
• Practice in front of a mirror so you can see your body language. what work where movement? How do you feel about the break and what you do for them?
• Practice in the bathroom because it was probably the one that can think beyond that. Is your mind a blank on each section?

4. At that time you might have some idea of ​​how long your speech. You are given a specific time slot or you are given a length requirements for speech. Try to ge

hird Part Three:Delivering Speech
1Think about your posture and body language. Stand like you have a fig leaf over your crotch is not the way to give a captivating speech. Nor should you go the opposite way and leaning on the podium. It's best to stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, and use your hand as naturally as possible.
• your speech convey some emotion, right? (The correct answer: Yes.) Take a moment and move with them. You use your hands at all times to express emotion. You still communicate with people, only on a larger scale. Although the scale is different, the motion remains the same.

2. if you can use props.
3Know when and how to use the picture. A PowerPoint can be a great addition to speech (for certain topics, at least). Make sure you use it to your advantage! You want them to listen to you, not blown away by the pretty pictures.
• Use graphs to illustrate your point, especially if they are difficult to understand. The images can be more memorable than factoid just told, regardless of how important it may be.
• Do not face the picture when you're talking!
4Select the people in your audience, do not scan. Many people are under the impression scanning is ideal audience - and if it makes you nervous, just sort of scanning the back wall.
5Vary your tone. In general, you should speak with a calm, level to understand and speak clearly. But to keep your audience awake and to keep your speech is dynamic, diverse it. Part you feel passionate about the need to clearly stressed! Talking loudly and with gusto! Pound your fist if you need And then there are parts that would feel more like a lullaby. And even the parts that require a pause to let the emotions set in ... AND THEN BACK UP ramped. This is much more effective orally than on text.
• Show emotions in your tone. Do not be afraid to laugh a little or show a bit of sadness or frustration.

6Do not forget about the break! Think about the phrase, "dihydrogen monoxide killed 50 million people last year. 50 million. Let that sink in." Now think about the sentence with a pause after each period. Got a little more serious, is not it?
• Take your speech and actually write on pause if it will help you.

Conclude by restating your message and say "Thank you." You've been through speeches, no one has died, and it is time for your conclusions. Focus your eyes with the audience, thanking them, smile, and get off the stage.
• Take a deep breath. You do it. The next time you will give a speech about how to give a speech. What are you so nervous in the first place?

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as you read the text, focus on different types of economist and their activities

paragraph 1
  • Resousces
  • Effort
  • Costs
Paragraph 2
  • Employed 
  • Engage
  • Variety
Paragraph 3
  • Interest rates 
  • Tasks
Paragraph 4
  • Mysery
  • Prefers
  • Risktaking
Paragraph 5
  • Regarded
  • Climb
  • Tyeoons

       Exercise 1.  
v  1. I've check the documentation and everything is in order.
v  2. inflation has not gone away but it is under monitor.
v  3. we constantly monitor the situation and if anything goes wrong we take action immediately.
v  4. we apologize for the delay which is due to reason beyond our control.
v  5. economists control prices, compute total output and perfome other useful tasks. 
           III.       Exercise 2.

v             1. costs (n) : (p.1 line 6; meaning: expenses, outly)
v             2. monitor (v) : (p.3 line 3; meaning: control, manage)
v             3. flair (n) : (p.4 line 5; meaning: skill, talent, inclination)
v             4. entrepreneur (n) : (p.3 line 4; meaning: employed)
v             5. forecast (n) : (p.3 line 1; meaning: prediction)
v             6. provide (v) : (p.2 line 1; meaning: supply, equid, outfir)
v             7. job-setting (n) : (p.2 line 1; meaning: placeof work)
v             8. liable (a) : (p.5 line 4; meaning: responsible)

          IV.         Exercise 3. 
v  1. self-employed means having the qualities that are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur.
v  2. an entrepreneurial is a person who sets up business and business deals.
v  3. a tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful.
v  4. the industry will have to pass its increased benefits or fringe benefits on to the consumer.
v  5. the management will quality accommodation, food and drink for thirty people.
v  6. he has always been liable for his children.
v  7. the provide of the job include a car and free health insurance.
v  8. he won't forecast as an economist until next year.
v  9. an individual hoping to start up a new company needs to have entrepreneurial flairor talent.
v  10. unfortunately costs of higher profits did not come true.
v  11. economists are concerned with the production, distribution and consumption.